How to design a gorgeous BJD Face-up

Have you ever tried to design a new Face-up for your BJD but when your friend asked what exactly you wanted, you could not answer? Or do you find yourself needing to learn how to explain your idea to your BJD Face-up artist?

When it comes to envisioning a new Face-up for your BJD, having a clear image in mind is ideal. Many of us start with only a vague idea! I was not an exception. Back when I first redid Valar’s face-up, I desired a fierce appearance, but I did not know exactly what I wanted to create such a look. Then, I stumbled upon a manga character with striking red eyeliners, and immediately thought, “This is it!” The result? Well, it was less than perfect – it was actually terrible!

The second time around, I decided to create a mood board. The outcome had me captivated for an entire week, garnering over a hundred likes whenever I shared her photos. So, what was the game-changer in the process? The answer: I CREATED A MOOD BOARD!

A mood board serves as a gateway to sensing the vibe and essence of your particular doll. In my perspective, this vibe holds greater importance than the minute details, as it acts as your guiding map, helping you define your doll’s true essence. Think of it like navigating a new city without Google Maps; you might reach your destination through luck, but you’ll often get lost. The same principle applies to designing a new BJD Face-up – you need to understand what you want in intricate detail, and a mood board will be your invaluable tool!

Having a solid grasp of your concept will enable you to convey your ideas clearly to your chosen BJD Face-up Artist. After all, how can we describe something to someone else if we don’t fully understand it ourselves?

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Bunny Huynh

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ON, Canada

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