ARTIST’S CHOICE – BJD Face-up Commissions

What is the ARTIST’S CHOICE for?

  • You want your dolls to have a new look but you only have a vague idea or direction.
  • You have completely no idea
  • You are too lazy to think, let Bunny do the hard work >:)

How does it work?

This service allows you to provide key preferences, while the artist brings their creative vision to life.

What You’ll Provide:

  1. Expression: neutral, happy, or sad.
  2. Undertone color: pink or orange.
  3. Concept: cool or cute.
  4. Eyeshadow color: natural, or other colours
  5. Skin Finish: matte or dewy/Korean glassy skin
  6. Shimmer on Top
  7. Lip Gloss: highly gloss, semi gloss, matte
  8. Freckles (optional)
  9. Piercing (optional): your choice of placement

Bunny will take care of the rest, crafting a beautifully detailed and unique face-up that you’ll see only upon completion. Perfect for those who love a surprise and trust the Bunny’s expertise to enhance your doll’s character.

What You Will Not Get:

  • Horror look
  • Fantasy look

Some Examples of Artist’s Choice:

Please fill out the form below to complete your Face-up Commission slots.

The currency is the Canadian Dollar (CAD)

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly at or my Instagram: @bunny_faceup

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(For clients outside of Canada)
Doll Size
Doll Gender
Overall Colour for Blushing & Lips
Clean Old Face-up
I will paint light freckles on cheeks and a little bit on the nose
Add Upper Eyelashes
Attached Eyelashes Colour Choice
If you don’t choose, I will choose Black or Dark Brown, based on the overall Face-up look
Shimmer/Glitter on Top
Lip Gloss
Skin Finish

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