Exquisite BJD Face-up Commission Prices


  • SD and MSD: 150 CAD
  • YoSD and Smaller: 130 CAD
  • Cleaning old face-up: 10 CAD
  • Lashes: 10 CAD (currently only have black and dark brown eyelashes)
  • Special effect: from 7 CAD

If you have eyelashes, you can send them to me; I’ll attach them for free.

I love to have face masks included to protect the fresh better face-up.

Note: Please make sure your items are cleaned before you send them. I will charge extra for cleaning if you must send it dirty or painted.


  • Mr. Super Clear UV Cut
  • Artist-grade Soft Pastel
  • Artist-grade Watercolour pencils
  • Tamiya gloss 
  • White glue for eyelash attachment


I paint in order of parcel arrival. “First come, first serve” fashion. 

It usually takes 10 – 60 days for a turnaround. If something delays the progress, I will inform you on my Instagram @bunny_faceup

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