Bunny’s BJD Face-up Feedback

Below are feedback I have received from my precious clients.

The gorgeous doll photographs and the heartwarming compliments I receive serve as the driving force propelling me forward on this incredible BJD Face-up art journey. I hold each commission dear, caring for the dolls as if they were my own. Through this, I believe my affection shines through in the final results with elegance.

You can view my Face-up Gallery HERE << click

Please enjoy!

Volks Super Dollfie Rapunzel

I am so smitten with the amount of warmth and detail in this faceup. Bunny gave me progress updates and where I wanted changes she applied those perfectly. If you are interested in sending her some of your resin babies to get painted I highly recommend her.


LoongSoul Chu Mujin

I actually love her so much more now tbh.


Volks Dollfie DH-29 as Touhou Patchouli

My son said the original Volks looks like trash in compare to yours.


Rosen Garden

This Whispering Garden Lin was sent to Canadian 🇨🇦 artist @bunny_faceup. Less than three weeks round trip.


Logandoll Valentine

 @bunny_faceup did such a great job bringing my vision to life. 


I received 2 of my boys back from the face-up artist, Bunny, today & to say I was pleased with her work is a vast understatement. She absolutely nailed Enjie (the redhead) & did an outstanding job painting Illarion (the one with the catboy). 


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