Shihe BJD I Chi: Handsome But Quality Concerns

Why did I buy I Chi BJD sculpt?

Because he looks so cute.

Back in late 2023, I was hunting for a boyfriend for Diana. Though I’m single, I want my doll children to have partners. The funny thing is, I always start with a girl and then look for a boy who will look nice standing next to her.

Since Diana has a youthful look, I aimed for a male sculpt for a 75cm body that has the vibe and face of a young man in his early 20s. It was a challenge because 75cm male dolls usually have a mature look. I didn’t want Diana to have a daddy; I wanted a boyfriend for my gorgeous Moon Maiden. And then, I found I Chi.

His original sculpt has three eyes (one vertically on his forehead), which initially eliminated him from my candidate list. I had no intention of having a pure fantasy doll, and this special facial feature did not meet my concept for Diana’s partner. Fortunately, Shihe BJD decided to release a normal version; I didn’t hesitate to place the order.

I Chi bjd doll head from Shihe BJD balljointeddoll


  • Origin: Shihe BJD
  • Original country: China
  • Head size: 21.8 cm
  • Eye size: 16/6 mm
  • Neck size: 13 cm
  • Suitable boby: 75 cm
  • Skin tone: SOOM Normal (slightly pink undertone)


  • Origin: Shihe BJD
  • Original country: China 
  • Sculpt appearance: 8/10 
  • Resin quality: 6/10
  • Production time: 3 months
  • Production quality: 5/10

The first impression: 


As a professional BJD face-up artist, I’ve interacted with hundreds of BJD doll heads from various companies (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, EU, N.A). However, I have never seen a doll head completely covered with sanding marks. It’s not just one or two areas; the entire surface is marked. The maker didn’t even bother to sand the surface in circular motions. There are marks everywhere, especially heavily on his eyebrow areas.

I talked to a friend about I Chi’s sanding mark, she said that’s what people call “sandblasting”. Since many Chinese doll artists choose the resin that has shiny finish, they would sandblast the whole surface to replicate the velvet feel of high-quality resin. Therefore, in my case, the sandblasting was not executed with care, ended with many sanding marks.

Will I buy from this artist again? 



In January 2024, while I was still waiting for my I Chi head to be shipped, a friend of a friend received their doll head. Sadly, it had a hole on the tip of its nose. She contacted the maker, who suggested she send the head back for solution. She did and got it returned. However, instead of receiving a new head, the maker simply sanded down the defect, altering the shape of the nose. The owner couldn’t accept this and asked for a better solution. The maker then requested the head be returned again and issued a refund. At this time, the owner completely lost her interest with the doll head.

After hearing this incident, I asked my agent to carefully check my I Chi head upon arrival. I was relieved when mine was in perfect condition. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect the heavy sanding marks all over the head.


Lastly, Shihe BJD does have handsome doll heads, and I still think I Chi looks cute and fit my concept perfectly. Though these marks won’t be visible underneath the face-up’s sealant layers, as I have said, I would not buy from them again due to the quality control issues and their customer service practices. In the end, the decision is yours!

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