[BJD SD Outfit Review] Beautiful “Promise” Set

This gorgeous BJD outfit set goes beyond my expectation in terms of quality and design. A definite keep!

Set includes:

  • 1 x Lace Hood
  • 1 x Mermaid-style dress
  • 1 x Crop-top Vest
  • 1 x Hair Accessory
  • 1 x Neclace

Artist: 浮游丛纪TheRover

  • Price: 428 Yuan
  • Production time: 3 months
  • Value: 10/10

Before receiving this gorgeous dress, I intended to trade it for a larger size (from SDGr to SD16) with my friend. To be honest, I believed it would look more suitable on Valar than on Diana. Valar always radiates a sexy vibe that Diana does not have. However, circumstances changed, and I had to keep the original size.

I received three outfits at the same time, and this one was initially the least appealing to me; not because it’s not pretty, it’s because I didn’t think Diana could pull off the vibe of the dress. Ironically, after photographing the other two dresses, I accidentally messed up Diana’s faceup. This forced me to give her a new one. My original intention was to recreate her old faceup with a bit more blue eyeshadow, but she ended up looking much more mature than before. With her new faceup, she looks fabulous in this extravagant dress. Sometimes, things are just meant to be, don’t you think?

I am very happy with this attire. The materials are soft and beautiful, and it is very well crafted. Since the Fairyland Feeple60 body is not 100% identical to the Volks SDGr, which this dress is based on, the back crumples a bit when I tie the ribbon tighter to fit her waist. However, the breast and hip areas fit nicely.

The mermaid tail part is very long, which I love, though I wonder if it’s supposed to be that long or if it’s because the F60 body has shorter legs (which I dislike). I also love the hooded cloak, which makes Diana look like Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings.

The set includes hair accessories and a long-body necklace, both of which are very well made.

For 428 Yuan, approximately 80 CAD/60 USD before shipping and service fees, I’m very happy with this dress. I would definitely buy from this maker again if they release new sets that fit my dolls (perhaps for Valar next time).

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