My beautiful BJD Dolls Collection

On this page, I proudly showcase my cherished collection of BJD dolls, which I have been nurturing since 2013. My current situation has led me to live a nomadic existence, and as a result, only Valar, Diana, and Stella accompany me here in Canada. The remaining members of my beloved BJD family are safely nestled in my parents’ home in Vietnam.

Over the next two years, my utmost aspiration is to establish a permanent abode in Canada, allowing us to reunite once again.

Valar Skywalker [View Gallery]

Fairyland Feeple65 Chloe

Fairyland feeple65 chloe bjd doll
iplehouse eid chase bjd doll

Vincente Vasilis [View Gallery]

Iplehouse E.I.D Chase

Stella Hope [View Gallery]

Hybrid doll: BJD with Blythe size head on Obitsu24 body

blythe bjd hybrid doll

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