Bunny’s BJD Face-up Commissions Info

Hi, my name is Bunny Face-up. A Profession Canadian-based BJD Face-up Artist since 2013. ​​​

My PROMISES to you:

  • A smooth commission process
  • Happy results
  • Quickly response to your concerns before, during, and after the commissions.

BJD Face-up Commissions I do not take:

  • Recast BJDs
  • Tiny mature heads (Fashion dolls, Fairyland Chicline, Iplehouse F.I.D)
  • Copy other artists’ work

Face-up Commission Process:

  1. Pre-book: You can check the >> PRICES << information.
  2. Commission Booking: Email me at: bunnyfaceup@gmail.com. If you are friends with me on my Instagram, you can DM ME (@bunny_faceup) directly there.
  3. I will send you the link to fill out the Face-up form. By the end of the form, you’ll know how much you will pay for one commission.
  4. I will email you within 12 hours to confirm your commissions.
  5. We confirm the costs and discuss your dolls’ ideas and concepts (optional if any)
  6. Payment e-transfer (Canadian clients), PayPal checkout (international clients). I’m flexible, you can pay after I finished the Face-up Commission.
  7. You pack and send the doll heads
  8. I paint and update the painting progress
  9. I will complete the commission and send it back to the address you provided. If you change your return address, please email me ASAP at bunnyfaceup@gmail.com

Reference images are essential, particularly when you have distinct ideas regarding eyebrow shape, eyeliner style, or any other details. These visual references play a crucial role in ensuring that your preferences are accurately captured and incorporated into the final result.

I’m more than welcome to discuss any details and concerns you want to clarify before we start the commission further.

_ If I paint inaccurately due to in accurate reference images, I will charge 50% extra for a re-do or I will wipe the face-up and return to you with 50% refund.

Refund Policy

If you pay in advance, you will have 15 days to withdraw your commissions with a full refund (subtract fees if any). After this period, the fees are non-refundable.

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