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My Story

Hi, My Name Is Bunny

I am a professional BJD Face-up Artist based in Canada since 2013.

My journey into BJD collecting began in 2012. Within just a year of dedicated practice, I ventured into the realm of professional BJD Face-up commissions, achieving success in this artistic endeavour. Over the course of ten years dedicated to crafting enchanting BJD Face-up art, I have had the pleasure of designing and painting hundreds of Face-up commissions for doll enthusiasts hailing from all corners of the world, consistently achieving high levels of satisfaction.


2013: Discover the BJD Face-up’s wonders

My journey into BJD Face-up began with the simplest of intentions: preserving my dolls’ future face-ups. It was on DeviantArt, where I started sharing my Face-up creations, that my first client discovered me. That’s how this incredible journey of mine commenced!

2016: Being a well-known Canadian Artist

In 2016, I relocated to Canada with the aim of pursuing a career in Psychology. Armed with a solid foundation in psychology, I am now capable of crafting BJD Face-up art that effectively communicates specific vibes and emotions.

2023: Multi-style BJD Face-up Artist

This year has ushered in a fresh chapter in my Face-up techniques. I am thrilled to share that I have successfully attained the semi-real style that I diligently honed over an extended period.

Want to learn Face-up?

In my FREE mini e-book, you will get the BJD Face-up tips I have yet to share. They are my hard-learned lessons in 10 years of creating Face-up commissions.

Choosing the RIGHT practice doll head

Practice on your favourite doll head is the best choice? You’re wrong!


Expensive pastels must be the best! Are you sure?

Focus key to IMPROVE FAST

Work SMART! Not hard! Working hard without knowing what to focus on is a waste of time.

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