Beautiful KumaDoll BJD Accessories Review

Accessories play a huge contribution in completing your dolls’ look. Even a small earring could significantly elevate the whole image. Today, I want to introduce to everyone my favourite BJD accessories store.

  • Store name: Kuma Doll
  • Origin: China
  • Price Range: 70 ~ 100 yuan
  • Style: fantasy, vintage, and chic (for both boys and girls)
  • Accessories types: headbands, earrings, body jewelries, bracelets, glasses frames

This time, I bought a headband and a body jewelry (necklace) type for my girls and my upcoming boy.

HEADBAND (1/3 Size)

  • Quality Overall: 10/10
  • Material: 10/10
  • Adjustable: 10/10

Waist Chain/Necklace (1/3 Size)

  • Quality Overall: 10/10
  • Material: 10/10
  • Adjustable: 10/10

I am very happy with my purchase and definitely will return to Kumadoll for more doll jewelries.

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