How to avoid BJD impulsive buyings

Three questions to ask before I spend on new BJD dolls or items. Not working all the time, but it works ^^

In the previous post, I touched upon my BJD Money Rules—those essential guidelines guiding my financial decisions in the realm of my hobby. While steering clear of any form of debt related to my passion, I’m keen on deriving maximum enjoyment from my BJD hobby. Among the six rules, “Avoiding impulsive buying” stands out as the most challenging to adhere to. 

Consider this: When a stunning doll or doll accessory captures your attention, what’s your initial thought? Personally, mine often leans towards a spontaneous “I want it.” I find myself tempted to hit the order button multiple times a day, surrounded by the allure of countless beautiful BJDs and accessories. How do I curb these impulsive urges? Below, I share the questions I ask myself before welcoming new dolly items into my collection.

(Please not this is my personal strategy, there is no one formula for everyone).

1/ Is this doll/item my style and my dolls’ style?

Understanding our dolly style is incredibly crucial. It serves as our guiding compass, helping us discern which dolls or items will seamlessly integrate into our doll crew. More importantly, it empowers us to utilize or showcase them to the fullest extent. While beautiful BJDs catch our eye regularly, not all of them align with our unique dolly style. Adopting a new doll that doesn’t resonate with your style might lead to re-homing or neglect, as that essential bond is missing. Without this connection, creating intimate photos or selecting their suitable style becomes a challenging task. Even in people photography, a photographer establishes a connection with their model before a shoot. The same principle applies to our dolls.

2/ What will I do with it?

If you can’t promptly answer this question, the doll or item may not align with your current vision or plan. Over my 10-year journey, I’ve learned that without a clear vision or plan, such acquisitions often remain untouched, particularly accessories. In my early days as a BJD photographer, I would accumulate items that seemed potentially useful in the future. However, without a specific photoshoot plan, these items might not find their intended purpose and could end up neglected, ultimately discarded.

3/ Do I still have dolly budget for this doll/item? Can I pay it in full?

This question ties directly to my ‘No layaway’ rule. Collecting BJDs is undeniably an expensive hobby, categorized as a want rather than a need. Prioritizing essential bills is crucial before considering discretionary spending. If I can’t afford to pay in full, I’ll pass.

I always have a BJD budget every month, which can accumulate if no spending is made. As long as the doll/item falls within this amount, I can hit the order button without guilt.

If I can effortlessly answer these three questions, the item becomes mine without guilt. My overarching money principle is: ‘If I spend, I don’t feel guilty about it. If it induces guilt, I abstain from spending.’

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