BJD Face-up Luts Event Head: 10 years compare

Decade of Enchantment: A Journey of BJD Face-Up Mastery and Enduring Passion.

I vividly recall our first encounter in 2014. He was the first Luts Event Head my best friend received from her order, maybe her only Event Head until today. It is still as vivid as yesterday, I was chatting with my friend while giving him the face-up. Multitasking, especially for a task as enchanting as creating magic for BJDs, isn’t ideal, but the result left me immensely pleased.

The feeling is still vibrating in my heart while writing these words. I can’t explain why this specific BJD Face-up left such a profound imprint on my soul, but surprisingly, it did, quite strongly. I also recall taking the boy to the Ho Chi Minh City zoo and a quaint café, where we enjoyed a splendid time—capturing BJD photos and simply having fun.

A decade has passed in the blink of an eye. While my Face-up skills have evolved to a different level, I’m fundamentally the same. My Face-up style still resides in the fantasy/comic realm but is much softer and dreamier. The most notable change is that I’ve learned to enhance the beautiful facial features of this Luts Event Head. His Face-up might not be perfect, but I cherish it for this moment before embarking on the next stage of this journey with even more passion to improve.

May my enduring and heartfelt passion sustain your love for this delightful hobby for years to come. Here’s to our continued growth together.

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Bunny Huynh

BJD Face-up Artist | Watercolourist
ON, Canada

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