How to remove old BJD Face-up

In this blog post, I’ll guide you on the safe method of removing the old Face-up from your BJD doll.

It’s crucial to use the right products and methods to avoid any potential damage to your doll’s resin surface. None of us want anything unfortunate to happen to our beloved dolls.

One product to steer clear of is anything containing acetone. Acetone can erode the resin, and in severe cases, it can behave like acid, causing harm to the resin.

In the past, I tried using The Face Shop nail remover without acetone, and it effectively removed the old Face-up without noticeable issues. However, it seemed to accelerate the yellowing process, so I discontinued its use.

There are different products that other dolly friends have used. However, I will only introduce the product I have used for 10 years with hundreds of BJD Face-up commissions, and not once have problems with it.

A safe product is Mr. Hobby Mr.Color Thinner, a product widely trusted and employed by many renowned BJD companies. I prefer to stick with the recommendations of experienced BJD artists to ensure the safety of my dolls.

cleaning old bjd face-up by bunny face-up
What we need: Mr.Color Thinner, a scissor, two or more cotton pads, a liquid dropper (optional but recommended if you don’t have a squeeze bottle), and plastic wrap.
cleaning old bjd face-up by bunny face-up
I cut the cotton pads to small pieces.
cleaning old bjd face-up by bunny face-up
Put the cotton pads on the old face-up and generously soak them with the thinner.
cleaning old bjd face-up by bunny face-up
Wrap it with plastic wrap and leave it for 5 minutes.
cleaning old bjd face-up by bunny face-up
Remove the cotton pad and gently wipe off the dissolved old Face-up. Clean and ready for a new BJD Face-up.
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