6 Personal BJD Money Rules for not being broke

My Personal Guidelines to Spend for the BJD doll hobby without worrying about being over-spending or wasting money!

In every aspect of life, guidelines serve as crucial boundaries and decision-making aids. Whether you’re new to the BJD hobby or a seasoned collector, having guidelines helps you navigate spending wisely and align with personal values. Here are my personal guidelines that closely reflect my values and preferences:

1. **Avoid Involvement with Recasts:** Purchasing recasts supports theft and harms the small businesses and independent artists that make up most BJD companies. It’s a moral issue, and I don’t associate with collectors who support recasting.

2. **Avoid Impulse Buys:** Make purchases based on my personal BJD doll style and planned concepts. Understanding my style prevents ending up with BJD dolls or accessories that don’t align with my preferences. I prefer long-term investments over buy-and-sell practices.

3. **Avoid Overpriced Items:** Value is subjective, and I avoid spending on items that, in my judgment, don’t match their price. I believe in spending on items that offer reasonable value.

4. **Use Professional Services:** For activities outside my expertise, I prefer paying for professional services. Having high standards for things I love, I believe in investing in the best quality rather than attempting to master everything. Being an all-rounder sometimes might not be the best tactic because in order to master a skill, we need to spend more than we imagine on time and money.

5. **Avoid Layaways:** Collecting BJD dolls is a luxury hobby, and I adhere to the principle that if I can’t pay for something in full, especially for non-essential items, I won’t buy it. In short, if I can pay in full, it means I do not have enough spare money to swing around. This ensures financial peace and eliminates concerns about future payments.

6. **Spend more on accessories:** I favor maintaining a compact doll family, allowing me to concentrate on nurturing their individual presence and personalities. My intention is to bestow upon my resin babies a life akin to characters, rather than mere playthings.

How about you? What are your BJD Money rules?

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