Cute Latidoll My Rabi Review

Introduced in February 2023, Latidoll My Rabi marks the debut of a pet doll series, belong to Latidoll’s Orange Line. Honestly, I wasn’t aware of this line until just two weeks ago. Although my first tiny BJD was from Latidoll (my JS), I stopped following the company because my focus shifted from small sizes to exclusively SD size dolls since 2016.

However, my interest reignited when a friend shared a sale post for “My Rabi” recently. Instantly captivated, this adorable bunny seemed like the perfect pet companion for my SD. What’s more, the baby bunny was available at a tempting 45% discount, priced at only $130 and being just a day old.

REVIEW Latidoll My Rabi:

  • Height: 7,5 cm
  • Skin tone: beautiful white
  • Face-up: modified basic face-up. I painted her circle-shape brow to two full moon as I want the baby to be the moon bunny. There are two heart shapes under its feet.
  • Eyes: 10mm
  • Mechanism:
    • Head, tail, arms and legs are connected by magnets. The head has two parts, also connected with magnets. 
    • Hands and legs can move but very limited, only can move up and down. 
    • Tail can rotate around.

Though I am super happy with my purchase, I have not seen myself getting another one. 

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