A new beautiful BJD Face-up for Diana

New 2024 BJD Face-up for my precious Diana (Fairyland Feeple60 Miwa) that will suits well for her new image.

I am not a perfectionist but if I care about something, I want the best for it. My precious Diana is definitely on that list. I have always love Diana’s previous face-up but her imperfect underlashes kept bugging me so hard whenever I looked at them. Thus, I decided to repaint her.

I kept the same concept of Moonlight Princess. The face-up is very light in colours with emphasize on perfect fine lines.

Though the new face-up changed her cute vibe to a bit more mature appearance, I think this new look will suit well with her coming outfits.

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Bunny Huynh

BJD Face-up Artist | Watercolourist
ON, Canada

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