How to Protect BJDs from stains, dust, and oil

My country way to protect my BJDs from stains, UV (kinda), and dust, but it’s effective!

This method saved my BJDs‘ skin many times from black outfits’ stain. I still remember back in 2016, I bought Iplehouse’s gorgeous Paladin set for my Vince (my Iplehouse E.I.D Chase). Only after 2 days with the outfit on, I was panic because black stains covered my boy’s body. Without the protection layer, I would cry a river over his heavily stained body.

What I did was spray 2 layers of sealant to protect my BJDS‘ bodies from UV, stains, and dust. I understand that many of you will not like this idea because the BJDs’ skin will lose its smooth surface. However, I prefer the matt texture to stains and dust.

Nowadays, not many people use this method anymore. However, I still apply it every six months to protect my dolls, mainly from stains created by dark-coloured outfits, dust, and oil on my hands.

Here is how I do it:

What you need: 

  1. 1 bottle of sealant of your choice. (I use Mr. Super Clear: 1 UV Cut Matt/Flat, 1 UV Cut Gloss. You can use the regular sealant without the UV Cut. I like the soft dewy skin effect).
  2. Mask. (If you don’t have a respirator mask, double your regular mask).

How I spray:

1/ Bring our doll (just the body, of course) outside. We need a good ventilating area.

2/ Spray the Matt bottle first (if you like to have dewy skin like me). I usually hold the S hook above the neck to hold the doll.

3/ Bring your doll inside, and let it rest for 30 minutes. Be careful to not touch them when the sealant is still wet. 

4/ Since I like bling bling (the whole world knows I love sparkling things), I will apply a heavy layer of shimmer on some areas; for instance, the breast, collarbone, and shoulders). This step is optional.

5/ Bring the doll outside again, and spray the second layer. You can use the Gloss bottle like me or just Matt. Your choice.

6/ Bring the doll back in. Let it rest for 30 minutes before dressing them. I usually let them rest for 1 hour as I am not in a rush.


  • Hold the bottle 20cm away from the doll. 
  • Spray without fear, lol.
  • Don’t rush between sealant layers. Let them dry.
  • Repeat every six months.
  • You can use thinner to sip away the old sealant. Same way to remove the old BJD face-up.


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