Fairyland BJD body comparison: F65 and F60

A comparison between the BJD bodies of my old version Fairyland Feeple65 girl (Valar) and the newer Feeple60 Fairyline girl (Diana) reveals some interesting findings.

Despite being labelled as a 60cm girl, Diana doesn’t quite live up to that title. According to Fairyland’s measurements, she stands at 54cm tall, while Valar is taller 62.5cm. With an 8.5cm difference, it’s surprising that Diana appears noticeably smaller than Valar, both in height and overall body size.

This leads to my usual quip about Diana having somewhat peculiar proportions and measurements. Observing them side by side raises concerns about Diana’s potential future boyfriend. I can’t help but imagine a 75cm guy towering over her—no kidding! 😄

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