Diana’s new pretty wig

My Diana (Fairyland Feeple60 Miwa) has always radiated beauty, especially since I gathered the courage to wipe away her default BJD face-up and paint a new one. Yet, with the addition of her new gradient lavender wig, her allure captivates me anew every time I gaze upon her.

When it comes to BJD wigs, the temptation of experimenting with various styles and colors is undeniable, and I’m no exception. However, once I discover the perfect match for my dolls, like Diana’s current lavender charm, I tend to commit. It’s about crafting their signature look where every element, from hairstyle to eyes, face-up, outfits, shoes, and accessories, aligns with their unique concept or vibe. Although Diana’s previous natural fiber wig was undeniably stunning, it somehow lacked the depth or, more precisely, her signature color. If Valar shines in white, gold, and pink, Diana is unmistakably a lavender darling. How do I know? It’s a feeling deep in my bones.

Despite a slightly rocky start with the wig’s ombre color, the wig artist promptly rectified it after my genuine communication. Patience in production doesn’t faze me when sincerity prevails. The result: a stunning wig in the exact shade I envisioned! Diana now boasts a more dimensional look with her lavender wig. The wig artist even infused a delightful scent, soon to be replaced with my favorite Givenchy Irresistible once it fades. Stay tuned for two more wig reveals—updates coming soon!


Diana’s Info:

  • Sculpt: Fairyland Feeple60 Miwa in Normal skin tone
  • Wig: 邓南西呀

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