How to choose BJD wigs

Similar to humans, hairstyles play a vital role in shaping the appearance of our dolls. Selecting the right hairstyle can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dolls significantly. To illustrate this idea, let me demonstrate how a simple wig change can transform the look of my Diana.

Going back to 2012, when I first ventured into BJD collecting, the term “natural fibre” primarily referred to mohair wigs. However, mohair wigs weren’t trendy because they were nearly impossible to style in different ways. 

Around two years later, alpaca fibre entered the scene as a material for crafting doll wigs. Almost instantly, they gained immense popularity due to their soft texture, realistic appearance, and the ability to be dyed. Despite these advantages, it took nearly six years for alpaca wigs to become widespread. Why the delay? The initial generation of alpaca wigs was quite pricey, often costing upwards of $200 each.

Today, alpaca wigs are considered the standard choice for natural fibre BJD wigs. Many Asian artists offer beautifully crafted alpaca wigs for approximately $60, catering to 1/3-sized dolls and making them a more affordable option.

Note: The prices of natural fibre wigs depend on the fibre quality, styles, and length of the wigs.


Synthetic fibre: 

These wigs are made from synthetic materials such as Kanekalon, Monofilament, or other artificial fibres. They are generally more affordable and come in a wide range of colours and styles. Synthetic wigs are low-maintenance and retain their shape well, but they may not look as realistic as natural fibre wigs.

  1. Heat-resistance fibre wigs
  2. Synthetic mohair fibre wigs
  3. Yarn wigs

Cost: ~ $30

Natural fibre:

  1. Alpaca fibre wigs: Alpaca fiber is another natural option for doll wigs. Alpaca wigs are prized for their softness, realistic look, and dyeability. They have gained popularity in the BJD community for their versatility and natural appearance.

Cost: ~ $40 to $200

  1. Mohair wigs: Mohair is a natural fiber obtained from the Angora goat. Mohair doll wigs are known for their softness and natural appearance. However, they can be challenging to style and are less commonly used due to their limited versatility.

Cost: ~ $15 to $100

Alpaca fiber BJD wigs have become prevalent in the BJD community because their prices have become more affordable. Most importantly, they offer a natural look that synthetic wigs cannot replicate. Nevertheless, synthetic wigs continue to hold their ground due to their versatility in creating various hairstyles.

Ultimately, the key factor remains choosing the wig type that best complements your doll.

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