BJD Face-up: cheerful Logandoll Pan

If you believe that any professional BJD Face-up Artist can easily tackle any commission, think again. I was worried before embarking on this BJD Face-up Commission.

Painting a BJD Face-up is quite distinct from traditional painting; it’s more akin to applying makeup to a human. While mastering the necessary techniques is crucial, a BJD Face-up artist must possess the ability to keenly observe the facial features of the sculpt. Subsequently, they should accentuate the doll’s most appealing features while downplaying any less desirable ones, all in accordance with the client’s preferences. It’s the paradox of the BJD Face-up Art!

Pan marks my second Logandoll’s BJD Face-up commission, and it all went remarkably smoothly, even though I initially had my reservations.

The central concept behind this commission was to fashion a mischievous, eternally youthful Peter Pan with a subtle punk edge. My wonderful client envisioned a youthful boy with distinctive, expressive brows. The original Disney’s Peter Pan from the 1953 animation had the expressive brow shapes we sought, but somewhat exaggerated. My client and I delved into a detailed discussion on how to capture that essence while keeping the look natural. Her adept communication significantly reduced my initial concerns. Collaborating with her on this BJD Face-up Commission was a true blessing.

For Pan, I opted for natural shades to maintain his youthful charm. His distinctive feature, the uneven eyebrows, took center stage. I intentionally painted one brow slightly higher than the other to sync with his playful smirk. 

Finally, a delicate layer of freckles served as the finishing touch, rendering this boy the perfect embodiment of Peter Pan.

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Bunny Huynh

BJD Face-up Artist | Watercolourist
ON, Canada

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