Pretty Fairyland MNF Phoeb [BJD Face-up Commission]

Art is a profound reflection of the artist’s soul. While I deeply appreciate the realistic style and possess the skills to create within that realm, clean, soft, and dreamy art exposes my truest soul.

This particular BJD Face-up artwork, exemplified by the Fairyland Minifee Phoeb, embodies my artistic essence. I have an affinity for sharp lines and soft blushes, often with subtle to no skin texture. Please understand this isn’t to diminish the beauty of skin textures; I appreciate the natural allure of gentle freckles as they infuse depth into a face-up. I thoroughly enjoy every face-up commission featuring skin textures.

Yet, possibly due to my upbringing in Asia and an enduring passion for fantasy art, the soft, clean, and dreamy style resonates most profoundly with me. This style finds its most vivid expression in my watercolor art. Although I drew inspiration from the renowned watercolor artist Yuko Nagayama, acquired her book, and practiced her techniques, her paintings did not echo my inner self. I relish the allure of clean lines and soft brush strokes.

These sentiments, however, don’t imply an inflexibility in adapting to diverse painting styles to bring your dolls’ concepts to life. Ultimately, BJD Face-up remains a wellspring of joy for me.

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Bunny Huynh

BJD Face-up Artist | Watercolourist
ON, Canada

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