Small or Big BJD Family?

Each BJD family size choice has pros and cons. Which one suits your BJD collection’s goals better?

For quite some time now, I’ve been pondering a question that has been with me, possibly even before I relocated to Canada. Lately, it resurfaced with a stronger desire, probably because Diana is the only companion I have here in Canada and is still in a playable condition. Valar, on the other hand, needs re-stringing. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that the size of one’s BJD family is entirely a matter of personal preference. Based on a survey I conducted on my Instagram account, I found that 89% of my fellow doll enthusiasts love to have a BJD collection with more than three dolls.

Having a large BJD collection can be an immensely enjoyable experience. It allows us to explore various aspects of our creativity through a wide range of dolls. Furthermore, having a lineup of exquisite BJD dolls beautifully displayed in our room undoubtedly creates an eye-pleasing scene (though, admittedly, it can be quite expensive).

Diana is my main focus at the moment.

However, I might be more aligned with the side of a small BJD family. There are two reasons:

1/ I can focus on crafting a well-rounded character involves delving into their background stories, personality traits, and, most importantly, creating a vivid living environment for them. Achieving this vision necessitates having an extensive collection of accessories. However, assembling such an assortment of items for a sizable BJD crew can be financially challenging.

2/(Personal reason) Ensuring that no doll feels neglected is a priority for me. I have a tendency to become deeply engrossed in one particular BJD when I develop a strong attachment to it. Unfortunately, this can unintentionally lead to neglecting my other dolls, and it leaves me feeling incredibly guilty. Currently, I have Valar, Diana, and Stella as my companions here in Canada, and this has allowed me to feel more at ease investing in additional accessories for them than ever before..

The thought of sizing down my collection has been running in my head for a while. However, letting a doll go is a difficult decision. What if I will regret it later? Then I thought, if I have not play with some particular BJDs in more than a few years, not having them might not be a big problem.

I still have some time to decide on it. What do you think?

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